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We would like to thank Terri and her team at Beyond Treasures for sponsoring the upcoming Mixer! Their contribution is extremely appreciated.

A little about the company…

Beyond Jewelry specializes in bridal and fine jewelry. There is nothing they can’t do. From personalized jewelry to repairs, Beyond Jewelry puts customer service first, making sure that every customer is completely satisfied with their product. Owner Terri Stubblefield, believes jewelry brings that extra special touch to your wardrobe, so she will work with her customers until they get the final product they envisioned. Visit the Beyond Treasures website at to see all of their breathtaking pieces!

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A thank you message from a deserving young lady:

Thank you for the 49er tickets.  My family loves the 49ers even though they have been losing.

I had never been to a game because my parents said it costs too much and there’s too many of us to afford to go. My dad works a lot so I never get to see him much and he knows more about football than anybody else in my family. So I’m so glad that I made the choice to pick him to go with me to the game because it was a blast. It was one of the best days of my life because I got to go to a football game for the first time and spend time with my dad. I couldn’t believe I got to go to a real game and with my dad!

Thank you again for the tickets. I will never forget this special day.

Tiffany P.

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This time of year is exciting for the Faithful. We are ready to bring on new, fresh talent. Our hopes are high for a winning season. This year in particular is electrifying because of all of the changes in the front office. “Brick by brick” as they say.   I cannot wait for the regular season to start!

But allow me a few sentences to just whine a bit. By the time this newsletter is posted, we will know who is on our team. The elite 53 who will carry us a Superbowl! But who are they? Each summer, I invest time getting to know our new players and learning their numbers. It’s usually not an overwhelming amount of time because there’s a stable number of veterans that I’ve already studied and committed to memory. But this summer? My gosh! I’m unable to keep up! I feel like I have to get to know the whole entire team – and don’t even get me started on the coaching staff. When they released Ahmad Brooks, I couldn’t believe it. Are we going to have a new #55? Ugh, and the recirculated jersey numbers during preseason make me crazy. Controversy aside, can you even handle seeing a #7 out there that’s not Kaep? I.just.can’t. And stay away from #74, I don’t want to hear it. Let’s just keep him on the team or I will lose my mind.

Ok, that was more than a few sentences, but I really needed to vent. I know there are many reading this thinking “Change is good. We need change. A younger team, blah blah blah”. I agree with you but geesh, I’m glad there’s not a quiz on our new team.

More than anything, I remain hopeful. I am excited for our reinvented team, seeing the “brick by brick” philosophy come to life. Thanks for listening. Go 49ers!!

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Ladies of the Empire had the honor and privilege to join the 3rd annual Niner Empire Southern Chapter Meet and Greet in New Orleans.  22 Chapters were represented, with over 250 attendees from 25 states (including Hawaii).

This unforgettable weekend was hosted by the Mississippi Niner Empire, the New Orleans Empire and the Rouge and Gold Empire of Baton Rouge.  The 3 day celebration included parties, pool parties, meet and greets, and a Bourbon Street Niner Takeover.

From the moment we landed, we were greeted with so muchkindness and generosity.  New Orleans is a wonderful city!   People love the NINERS everywhere and it’s the best feeling to run into an empire brother or sister in a foreign city and feel the love immediately.  We connected with so many amazing people who instantly became our family.  This is an event that I look forward to every year and already have my calendar marked for next year’s event in Tampa.  We hope to see you there!


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Training Camp

On Sunday, July 30th, The 49ers opened up their training camp to selected invited guests and LOTE was invited to view from the VIP deck.  Since the practice was closed, we couldn’t take many photos, but believe us the team looks solid.  We walked away feeling very excited about the season ahead.  Go NINERS!!!

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Member Spotlight: Meet Lisa Ramirez

After struggling with personal issues in June 2014, Lisa Ramirez, decided it was time to start looking forward and began searching for her next project.  The only requirement was that it needed to be fun.

What could be more fun than selling jewelry?   She found Chloe + Isabel, a jewelry merchandising company who is “dedicated to empowering women by combining our unique opportunity with cutting-edge tools + training”.  Finding a company that was aligned with Lisa’s values and offered stunning, great quality products was a blessing.  Within 6 months, she earned a coveted feature in the company’s catalog and hasn’t looked back since.  Her URL is

As with anything, there are challenges.  Her biggest challenges are time-management and finding a balance between a full-time job, her passion to sell jewelry, family, friends, community and her own needs.  She has learned the art of compromising.


Lisa makes it a point to donate to the community by donating 6 statement pieces a year to organizations like the Antioch Animal Shelter,  The Fil-American Cultural Organization, Mamas Night Out Pediatric Cancer, and LOTE.  She also hosts fundraising events where 100% of her commission is donated to a charity such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and Safe Haven Animal Rescue.

When asked what lessons she’d like to share, she said “Don’t limit your potential.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Keep challenging yourself.  Oh, and learn from your (and others’) mistakes.”

Please visit  Let Lisa know if you’re interested in selling Chloe + Isabel jewelry or would like to host an in-person or online party.

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