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Football season may be over for now, but the support of the community by LOTE goes on all year round. Our mission to support underserved youth has helped to bring scholarships to local students attending college. But, we recognize that encouraging children to do well in school begins with elementary school, and with the support of their families.

In January, LOTE recognized the achievements 20 elementary school students, as selected by their teacher. We provided each student, along with a parent, tickets to the January 13th San Jose Barracuda game at SAP Center.
And, we appreciate their heartfelt thank you poster! Congratulations to the students on their academic excellence !

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Survey Results

Last month, we sent out a fun survey to see what some of our members are interested in. Check out some of the results.

Question 1: I would be interested in attending:

  1. 81.82% – Ladies of the Empire summer picnic
  2. 81.82% – Happy Hours with the Ladies at a bar by the stadium
  3. 45.45% – Charity poker tournament
  4. 18.18% – Family day at a San Jose Barracudas Hockey game

Question 2: Best Football Team Ever!

  1. 100% – San Francisco 49ers
  2. 0% – Other

Question 3: Best Song to Workout to:

  • “Superfreak” – Rick James
  • “Anything” – Paul Oakenfold
  • Any classic Rock n Roll
  • “Crazy In Love” – Beyonce
  • “It’s Raining Men” – The Weather Girls
  • “Pretty Girl Rock” – Keri Hilson
  • “All My Life” – Foo Fighters
  • “Anything” – Calvin Harris
  • “Yeah!” Usher

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On the evening of September 27th, for the third year in a row, Ladies of the Empire attended the amazing Cocktails and Couture event to benefit the 49ers Academy in East Palo Alto. The event was hosted by Carolyn Chaikovsky at her beautiful home in Woodside. The 49er Academy provides under-served, low income students with the resources, resources and support services they need to achieve academic success in middle school, high school and beyond. Once again, Dennis Brown, 49er Alumni, and all-around great guy, was there to welcome ladies to the event with a glass of bubbles. The models included Mandy Shanahan, Raheem & Dominique Mostert, Deforest & Ashlyn Buckner, Pierre Garcon, Dante Pettis, and the amazing Alumni Duo, Steve and Tina Bono. Keena Turner and his lovely wife, Linda also graced the runway this year. The wine flowed, the music bumped, laughter echoed and beauty, in grace, heart and appearance shined everywhere. Our LOTE attendees this year were Oona Smith, Monique Morales, Razya Pollock, Denahi Crawford, Canan Sonuk and Cindy Robins. Each year our squad gets a little larger. We sure hope to see you there next year, ladies.

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Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 27and join LOTE for Cocktails & Couture — the San Francisco 49ers Academy’s annual “Girls’ Night Out” fundraising extravaganza! Men are welcome to join as well.  The event features premium cocktails & wine tasting, delectable hors-d’oeuvres, shopping for a cause with chic fashion boutiques, and a trendsetting fashion show featuring the ladies of the 49ers!

Cocktails & Couture attracts empowered and influential Bay Area women. They come together to sip, celebrate and raise funds for the San Francisco 49ers Academy in East Palo Alto. For more information or to purchase tickets please visit

The Academy provides adolescent students with a community of support that empowers them to be engaged in school, to reach their full potential, and achieve academic and personal success in middle school, high school and beyond.   The organization is embedded within the public school system, allowing their dedicated team to provide services and programming directly at school sites. Because they are in schools all day –  every day, they see the unique needs of each student and partner with teachers and the community to address them. By providing students with the resources, relationships, and support services they need, the 49ers Academy is changing lives–one student at a time!

If you are unable to attend the event, but want to contribute to this incredible organization, please visit learn more about donation, sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.

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In his rookie year, 2017, DB Adrian Colbert played in 14 games, racking up impressive stats; 32 tackles, 2 FFs, 1 FR and 5 PDs, while adding 6 special teams tackles.  Fans quickly took notice when #38 (turned in his rookie number for #27 this year) stepped onto the field anticipating a great defensive play.  Contributing to the excitement generated during the latter part of last season, fans cannot wait to see what he accomplishes on the field this year.

Why LOTE loves him

Not only is Colbert an amazing athlete, he also naturally aligns with LOTE’s mission to make a positive impact through education, support, and hard work on underserved communities and for those of any gender overcoming adversity.  He personally overcame adversity and has a long history of paying it forward through dedicating his time and resources to the community.  When he was 9, he suffered a life-threatening injury after being hit by a car.  Upon his recovery, his family moved to a new city that did not feel like home.  He found comfort with the Clarke family who loved and supported him alongside his family, encouraging him to continue to work hard and become the elite athlete he is today.  Colbert attended the Ladies of the Empire annual mixer last year.  He was so fun, approachable and engaging. He left a lasting impression with everyone who attended.  While at the mixer, Colbert donated to our fundraising efforts and encouraged others to do the same throughout the evening.  When Colbert was interviewed by the 49ers he stated “My cause is Social Equality…I want to help make a positive change the world and find a solution to the issues I dealt with growing up.”

Colbert is an amazing person with a huge charitable heart and incredible skills on the field which is why we love him being a part of the 49ers family and we look forward to cheering for #27 for many seasons to come.

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LOTE Watch Party

It’s our favorite time of the year….football season!! Join us at noon, on September 9th, at the official LOTE Kickoff Watch Party.  We have secured an incredible location for you to cheer on the Niners in a private room at Campo Di Bocce Fremont, for FREE.  The Watch Party is open to all and the venue is kid friendly. You will not want to miss this exciting opportunity to mingle with your LOTE family and cheer on our Niners. Campo Di Bocce is located at 4020 Technology Pl, Fremont, CA. 94538.  See you on the 9th.

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As a 49ers season ticket holder, I receive requests to complete a survey on my experience after every single 49er event (No joke, literally after every single game). They want to know things like how my tailgate experience went, how my food tasted, did I like the halftime entertainment, how was my interaction with staff, how was parking, my restroom business (ok, maybe not that), but you get my point.  Frankly, it feels like every time I think about the 49ers or Levi’s stadium, they want to know how my experience went.  There is such a thing as ‘survey fatigue’, and I’m pretty sure I have it.  Don’t get me wrong, I do realize that this feedback is important. I know there’s a great group of hardworking individuals who crunch and analyze the data, and I truly appreciate them for their efforts and how serious they take our answers; but after every event?

When another survey came in about two months ago, I opened it thinking “no more!” It’s the off-season, and as a fan I needed a break.  But this time, it wasn’t just a survey. There was also an invitation to a focus group, which intrigued me.  I looked at it more as an opportunity to meet with other season ticket holders to promote Ladies of the Empire.  So I signed up, took off half a day from work, and prepared my list of praises and areas for improvements.  The focus group turned out great; however, it felt as if many people had more complaints than praises.  The facilitators took it with stride and, as a thank you, took down our jersey sizes with the promise of giving us each a Jimmy G jersey!

About a month later, we received our thank you jerseys along with an invite to tour the staff’s offices and parts of the stadium I’d never seen before, including the team locker room (shout out to Moon who leads the survey team)! And while I cannot confirm or deny that I saw a very neat and tidy Jimmy G locker (keyword is ‘tidy’ ladies), it was definitely an unforgettable experience! But unfortunately cameras weren’t allowed… *sigh.

But that wasn’t all! They then invited us to a Draft Day 2 party at the Bourbon and Steak Pub! I thought to myself: “All you can eat and drink on a Friday night? I’m in!” So of course I went! And just as I was eating some of the most delicious Caesar salad and beef loin, I looked over my shoulder to see one of the largest men ever. It was our first round draft pick, Mike McGlinchey!  He was there to say hi and meet us. Unbelievable!

So, needless to say, I’ve changed my tune on surveys.  I’m in! Send me a survey, and I’ll gladly take it.  Hope you do too. =)

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Meet our 2017 sponsors for our annual mixer and fundraiser! We’re extremely grateful for their contributions!


A stylish Floral Navy Kimono Gown paired with a bracelet and a beautiful pair of earrings. An exclusive Sip~N~Shop and personal styling provided by the owner of Trendy T Boutique, hosted in your home for you and four of your closest friends.

EVVEMI has created technology that matches screened and vetted hair stylists and barbers with unique and individual needs. YOUR NEEDS. We believe that the right service provider is not only helpful, but necessary, to guide you down the path of bringing out your inner beauty.

At Beyond Treasures, Customer Service is number one! Here our goal is to go above and beyond any other jewelry store, striving to make sure our customers are well educated and know all the facts before buying anything and walking out of our store. We do our very best to make sure you have enough knowledge in hand and your trust is established. It’s very important for us to build a solid relationship with each one our customers because you are buying more than a piece of Jewelry you are buying a lifetime of memories.

Brand Your Niche provides branding and marketing support for businesses in narrowly defined market segments. Our mission is to discover, cultivate and successfully position branding efforts around the needs, values and expectations of specific target groups. As a result, we aim to establish deep and fulfilling connections that translate into a brand loyalty.

Golf Tournaments. Wine Celebrations. Cultural Festivals. Ballroom Galas. Corporate Parties. Press Conferences. Product Introductions. Retirement Exits. Trade Shows.
No matter what kind of event or party you have to put on, chances are we’ve done it.
Let’s do one together!

At Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery, we care deeply about technological innovation and we provide that for our patients. Not only technological innovation insofar as the latest surgical techniques but also using the latest technology to educate our patients.

We have a goal, not just a goal, but a drive to connect with you, your vision, your goals. We create brands and graphics that promote your vision to your audience. We help you connect with them. And we attach that connection to your brand.

That belief forms the core of Sound Vitality’s mission to serve all of humanity.
Our dedicated team of scientists, engineers, inventors and customer service experts offers innovative, non-invasive devices that work in harmony with the body to promote accelerated healing, relieve pain and restore peace.
We want all people to be at their best. With devices designed to help the world be healthy and happy, we are helping make that possible — one satisfied customer at a time.

Our 3D, 4D and HDLive Ultrasound Technologies produce beautiful and accurate images of your baby in the womb. Our intimate rooms are designed to ensure your session is delightful. We encourage you to invite your family and friends so they too can take part in this wonderful experience. You will view all images and live motion video of your baby on a large screen in a warm and comfortable setting.

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