Grand prize winner

The grand prize winner is Judy Rochon from Arizona. Congrats Judy! I will print the complete list of winners sometime today. I’m exhausted. Lol

Wine and Chocolate Pairing from Creekview Vineyards and Sherman Cellars 5 Prizes

1.855001 Lisa Lewis

2.655196 Joannie Bassett

3.655875 Carmela Chavez

4.219321 Winner purchased ticket at event

5.655904 Norma Calderon

Apriori donated by Judy Rochon

6. 197674 Lisa Rumbaugh

Wines from VinFolio donated by Dawn Knox and Anastasia Baranoff

7. 219496 Winner purchased ticket at event

8. 219688 Winner purchased ticket at event

Facial treatments from Teresa Luccketta

9. 219182 Lisa Xiong

CutCo donated by Kenny Coleman

10. 219007 Patricia Alvarez

Mary Kay donated by Ruth Vallejo Hayes

11. 855715 Kelsey Rothrock

Tate Diagnostic Inc. 3D/4D Ultrasound donated by Catherine Tate

12. 655717 Hannan Duncan

LOTE full line donated by Catherine Tate

13. 219221

Patrick Willis jersey donated by Catherine Tate

14. 655957 Becky Jo Adams

Frank Gore jersey donated by Catherine Tate

15. 219601 Winner purchased ticket at event

Niner bag with Yearbook and Super Bowl hat donated by Catherine Tate

16. 219543

Niner gym bag filled with Niner shirts and Floor Mats donated by Catherine Tate and Carol Wada

17. 655982

Origami Owl donated by Misty Brandow

18. 655405 Jamie Westman

Colin Kaepernick personally signed merchandise donated from Colin Kaepernick in conjunction with Shoe Palace

19. 655645 Dina Ghafoorzai

20. 197483 Bonnie McClory

Rose Garden Massage donated by Cheryl

21. 855398 Lidia Sosa

Asvitt Photography donated Tara Asvitt

22. 655441 Winner purchased ticket at event

Terrell Lloyd Original Art of Patrick Willis donated by Terrell Lloyd

23.855192 Naomi Marquez

Grand Prize 2 tickets to Levis’ stadium donated by Catherine Tate

24. 855337 Judy Rochon



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