Get the Niner Waldo Kid a home

WE FOUND HIM 5 HOMES! 5 yes 5 qualified Foster Care Providers have stepped up to take in our Niner Waldo. Thank you for everything everyone!! We saved the day!


I’m sure you all have seen this picture.Niner Waldo Kid by now. And I’m sure some of you know that he, ALONE, walked the streets of Seattle wearing his Niner gear during Seattle Super Bowl parade. He had food thrown at him, he was booed, and called names. Yet this 15 year old kept his head high and marched on. But his story goes a lot deeper than just this…….. When we set out to find him (thinking he was an adult) we never expected this….

Here is an interview between Ladies Of The Empire and our Niner Waldo Kid.


(used with permission from Niner Waldo)

  • 1. What was the inspiration for attending the Seattle parade?

    Answer:  And just being a niner fan and getting all the crap at school for being one I wanted everyone in seattle and all around the world to know that I was a niner fan and I was no bandwagon

  • 2. That was really brave of you. Did you get the response you expected?

    Answer: Yup all the boos and all the name calling and even the stuff thrown at me I all expected it

  • 3. Some people have questioned your loyalty because of what looks like a Halloween costume. Can you explain a bit?

    Answer:  well all I can say is I love my gf to much to denied her of what she wanted

    4.Coach Hill or J.D. Hill is very involved in your life and cares a lot about you. How has he influenced your life?

  • Answer:  he has has been in my life for a few years and has influenced me to do the right thing and follow my dream of joining football and just sports

  • 5. Just now hearing a little bit about your life and living situation it sounds to me like you could benefit for the Niner Empire families resources. If you would allow us we would love to help as much as we can.
  • Answer:  I would to, I just need to know what I can do to make my part in all of this and I will do what ever I ned to do

  • 6. Do I have your permission to tell my Niner Empire about your living situation?

    Answer: yes

  • 7. Ok. I have 3 kids one is almost 21, 19, and almost 13. I know life can be really hard but I want to help you more than just getting you to see a football game.
  • Response: really u would do that?

  • 8. yes! I would and lots of people would want to help you. if you let us. Well what do you need? a place to live? Clothes? Food? Money for school? Counseling? Support? I’m sure you have felt that people don’t care but they do. Like I said before you are apart of a larger family…..Niner family
  • Response: I know and I do need all of that

  • 9. So we will try to help. I just didn’t want to put your info out there if you were uncomfortable about people/your classmates knowing your situation.

    Response: really?

  • 10. yes really
    Ladies this 15 year old boy is a ward of the State of Washington and has been living in a homeless shelter. His teachers speak highly of him but also express the need for him to have a stable home with love, support, consistency. Ladies Of The Empire origianlly was trying to reward this kid with a free ticket to the Niners vs. Seattle game in Levi’s Stadium, at the time not knowing his age or his situation. But through the magic of social media we found him. And when we did we found way more than any of us had even imagined. We knew this kid was brave and passionate but we had no idea the depth. We have now made it our mission to not only help this kid attend his first Niner game next season but we are on a mission to find him a stable home. A home where he can grow and thrive and be a kid. Something every kid deserves. I believe in fate. I believe we were meant to see this kid to help this kid. So I am asking you all to help me help this kid. We will know more in the upcoming days how to change this young mans life for the better. We have started a GoFundMe campaign.  Please visit and help us help him. But most importantly extend your resources to help us find him a place to call home in Washington. Prayers and positive thoughts are always welcome!

10 comments on “Get the Niner Waldo Kid a home

  1. Love what your doing!! May God bless you ten fold!! I bleed red & gold also !!!! Glad people can put their colors aside to help a needy child!!!!!

  2. Regarding the waldo teen, meeting up with his social working would be helpful. I’m pretty sure kids who are wards of the state go to college foe free. Also , i see where a lot of people are offering to get involved regarding his trip to watch the game, giving him a place to stay etc. Anyone involved will need to go through the process of clearance with a background check and home check, which can take somw time. Something like this, we just see as a financial bump in the road, but to kids in the system, can often become a dissappointment if the rights steps are not taken. Really encourage you to contact the social worker, essentially you will be making her job easier but there will still be a lot of work on her end. Good luck, let me know if i can help. I’m a part time cps social worker and also work with foster kids. If I don’t have an answer to your question I can get one from coworkers. You’re doing something GREAT!

  3. I am a die hard Hawks fan and bleed green/blue. When I read this story it brought me to tears. What you are doing for this kid is awesome! When I saw the picture of him wearing his Niner gear in the mist of that huge crowd, I thought WOW! He is really brave, but I respected him that he loved his team that much. I wore my gear to the Niner/Seahawk game at Candlestick in December. It was brutal at times walking around showing my team support. I love the rivalry between our two cities/teams. It is fierce. However there have been so many good things to come out of it because of how competitive it is that have benefited those that need help. Be sure to keep us updated on his story. I love happy endings! Go Hawks! :)

  4. Hi Catherine,

    I’m writing in hopes of getting a better picture about the young man you featured in this article “Waldo”. Like most things these days once a story such as yousr hits the internet people become skeptical.

    Like many in the Seattle area I saw your story on King5 and my heart broke for this kid and of course I wanted to help. I did donate to the gofundme account you set up and right after I made my donation I took to social media to ask others to help him as well. I also posted your story in a couple of private Facebook groups I belong to.

    So it was no surprise this morning I woke up to people saying they are hearing conflicting stories about Waldo, and it doesn’t help that Niners Nation: A San Francsiso 49ers Blog post a story about him and doesn’t mention anything about his current living situation, homeless and living in a shelter but does mention that he lives in the affluent neighborhood of Kirkland “I wanted to go to the parade to show everyone who I was,” Andrews started to explain. “To show that I was a Niner fan.” Oh and the blog also mentions his name. Here’s the link to the Niners Nation blog

    There are even stories online that he only went to the parade decked out in his Niners gear because he lost a bet. Is it possible he lost a bet to his girlfriend?——-3. Some people have questioned your loyalty because of what looks like a Halloween costume. Can you explain a bit?
    Answer: well all I can say is I love my gf to much to denied her of what she wanted.——

    I’m not questioning your intention to help this young man out. Actually I applaud you. Just wondering what is the “real story” as one of my skeptical friends put it. I also wonder if the blogger at Niners Nation was trying to not call attention to Waldo’s real life drama and was trying to focus more on him being a true Niners fan!

    Thank you for your time,

    Toni Monroe

  5. I’m in. Live in Kirkland. No children, extra room, can take Niner Waldo to school each day. Clean record. This is phenomenally amazing, heart wrenching, beautiful, and tragic. State of Washington, please allow us to SUPPORT AND SHOW LOVE to this young man!

  6. I have admired this group and thought what a great idea. I applaud you lovely ladies for putting this group together. When this story came out I was so moved. I began tweeting like a mad women. I hope that in a small way I was able to make a difference and get the word out. I hope that the team gets involved in some way and maybe others will follow as well. Thank you for showing to the Nation that The EMPIRE is full of caring and giving NINERFAITHFUL and we are one big NINERFAMILY!


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  8. I am not sure if I can be of any help, but I grew up in Washington, and have many family and friends who live there still. Is there any way to find out what city he resides in? I am happy to share this story with them and see what resources they might be aware of. Please feel free to contact me via email if I can be of any help. God Bless you, for all you are trying to do to help this young man!

  9. Is he looking to stay in WA or come home to San Francisco where he obviously belongs? I am a forty niner fan who also helps homeless person in our city. There are several resources here to help him in all the areas mentioned . Start with project everyday connect at 25 Van Ness.


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