Attend the FIRST event in Levi’s Stadium

Attend the FIRST event in Levi’s Stadium

Ladies of the Empire has purchased tickets to the FIRST official event to be held in the Niners new home Levi’s Stadium.
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This is your chance to be one of the very first people to ever step foot in Levi’s stadium and see all that it has to offer. You will be able to experience the fan walk, see the concession stands, try out the MANY women’s restrooms and be the first to actually sit in the brand new seats. These aren’t just any seats either. These are the Legacy Seats with the $80,000 PSL. As most of you know the Legacy Seats are the most exclusive seats in the entire stadium! They include all of the luxurious amenities you can ever image having at a sporting event. Some of which include leather seating, field access, all the food and drink you can fit into your little bodies from the extremely exclusive Legacy Club. Remember only 500 people will have access to each of the elite Legacy Club (one on each side). You can be the FIRST one!
The actual game/match tickets are AMAZING as well! They are front row at the exact middle of the field. We have ONLY 4 tickets available (2 in section 115 and 2 in section 138) for purchase. Once they are sold they are gone. They are $500 each which is just a fraction of what it will cost to sit in those exact same seats during a Niners game. ($2,800 each). Not only that you will be a part of history but you will get to witness another big rivalry between Seattle and San Francisco fans (minus the ugly stuff lol)
If you would like to purchase these tickets please send the money using PayPal directly to When choosing the reason for payment choose payment to family and friends. If you choose anything different then please pay the necessary fees incurred by PayPal. Tickets MUST be purchased in pairs. The first two people to send in the money via PayPal will be the winners of the tickets. Please email prior to sending money to make sure the tickets are still available. Enjoy Ladies. 

5 NFL Rule Changes and how they Affect the 49ers

Rules may meant to be broken, but they seem to have been improved, at least in the NFL.

After a vote at the owners’ meetings in Orlando on Wednesday, the league’s competition committee has reportedly approved five rule changes.

Here is how each will or already has affected your San Francisco 49ers.

1. A rule that says a player can’t block an opponent by striking him in the back of their legs will be expanded to include the opponent’s “side.”

While this alteration wasn’t directly inspired by the hit that ended Ian Williams’ year in Week 2 last season, it’s closely related. Had it already been in place, the Seattle Seahawks would have been penalized when right guard J.R. Sweezy “rolled up” into Williams, who broke his ankle early on in the game, his first career NFL start.

Going forward, this rule will help to protect defensive linemen like Williams when they’re at their most vulnerable. Some in the game are concerned this could significantly impact the run game, where offensive linemen are accustomed to using the so-called low block to their advantage.

2. The rules of replay will expand the referee’s ability to review the recovery of a loose ball.

While Williams won’t have his name attached to the previous amendement, linebacker NaVorro Bowman directly inspired the addendum to this new rule.

In the Jan. 19 NFC Championship game in Seattle, Bowman forced Seahawks wideout Jermaine Kearse’s fumble near the goal line and appeared to recover it before severely injuring his knee. TV highlights showed the All-Pro ‘backer down by contact with the ball in hand, but officials on the field ruled that running back Marshawn Lynch swiped the ball from him before the play concluded.

In the future, members of the 49ers defense will be happy to know that the referee has more leeway to make sure the call on the field is correct.

3. The game clock will not be stopped on a sack outside of two minutes.

Now a defense will not be penalized for bringing down a quarterback in the backfield when it’s trying to protect a lead.

4. Referees will be allowed to consult New York-based NFL officiating department members during replay reviews.

As a result, the review process is expected to be faster.

How will it work? This from NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino:

Yes, we expect it to speed up the process and be more efficient for us. We can communicate with the referee immediately as soon as he’s done making his announcement, we can start that conversation as to what we’re going to look at and what he is going to see. There isn’t that delay of getting over to the monitor, putting the headset on and having a 45 second discussion. We think it will be more efficient, accurate and consistent.

This is strictly tied to replay reviews. The referee is the only official that we can communicate with. We can’t communicate with the other six officials.

There will be a small group; myself, Al Riveron, the senior director of officiating, will have monitors, but there will be a small group of people that will actually be speaking to referees so we can adjudicate multiple reviews that happen at the same time.

5. The field goal uprights will be five feet taller.

Many around the league considered this change “a no-brainer,” but we wonder how it will affect the 49ers handy new collapsible posts system to be unveiled at Levi’s® Stadium.



49ers Free Agency

During this past week the 49ers have made some moves in free agency..

They signed Safety Antoine Bethea to a four-year contract, he was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the 6th round of the 2006 NFL Draft. Antoine fills the void left by Donte Whitner.
Antoine Bethea, 29, has averaged more than 100 tackles in each of his last four seasons. Bethea has made two Pro Bowls and is a member of the Colts Super Bowl-winning team back in 2006.

The 49ers signed a 1 year contract with CB Eric Wright. In 2013, Wright (5-10, 193) appeared in seven regular season games and two postseason contests for the 49ers, registering eight tackles, two passes defensed and one interception. He also recorded the game-sealing interception late in the 4th quarter against the Seahawks in Week 14.

They have signed CB Chris Cook to a 1 year contract. Chris was originally drafted in the second round (34th overall) of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings. In four seasons with Minnesota, Cook appeared in 34 games (29 starts) and registered 120 tackles, 13 passes defensed and one sack. Last season, Cook played in 12 games (11 starts) and registered a career-high 47 tackles.

Phil Dawson (K) has been signed to a 2 year contract. He signed with the 49ers as a free agent on March 19, 2013, Dawson (5-11, 200) finished the 2013 regular season with the second-most field goals made (32) and points scored (140) in 49ers franchise history. He also set the franchise record with 27 consecutive field goals made (10/6/13 – 12/29/13). In the postseason, Dawson connected on all seven field goal attempts.

The 49ers have acquired Blaine Gabbert via trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars. He passed his physical and it became official on Friday March 14th. Gabbert originally the 10th overall draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft by Jacksonville, Gabbert (6-4, 235) has played in 28 games (27 starts) completing 414 of 777 attempts for 4,357 yards and 22 touchdowns.

Who would you like to see picked up in the free agency and what are your predictions for the upcoming draft?



Breaking News

49ers | Team had no interest in trading Jim Harbaugh    Mon Feb 24, 12:59 PM

San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York said the team had no interest in trading head coach Jim Harbaugh when the Cleveland Browns approached them. ‘Not far at all,’ York said, when asked how far the talks progressed. ‘We had no interest in entering those discussions.’

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  49ers | GM covets players with long arms    Mon Feb 24, 02:08 AM

San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke has made no secret of his preference for players with long arms. Baalke was on the record in 2011 praising 49ers LB Aldon Smith for having 35 3/8-inch arms, citing how it improved his chances of making shoestring tackles. San Francisco’s 2013 rookies averaged 34-inch arms. Wide receiver is a position of need for the 49ers, so they could show first-round interest in Texas A&M’s Mike Evans and Florida State’s Kelvin Benjamin, whose arms measure 34 7/8 inches and 35 1/8 inches, respectively.

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Niner Waldo kid needs PRIVACY.

This was written by one our our Niner Faithful. She contacted me to educate me on some of the pitfalls and challenges I may face while helping Niner Waldo. Please everyone read this……….What she has to say is very important. She works closely within the legal system and knows what she is talking about. It is her job to know. And please share and spread the word that we SHOULD NOT contact this MINOR directly anymore. It is going to create more problems than a solution. We have done our job and it looks like he will have a Foster Home VERY VERY VERY soon. It is because of all of you that he will have that stability and for that THANK YOU. We all want to help but remember some people don’t have the best intentions. We have to protect him as we would our own children……would you want your 15 child telling strangers on social media where they go to school or where they live??? I surely don’t want my children doing that. I know it makes it hard to help but at the bottom of this post you can find resources on helping. Trust I will make sure 100% of the money raised will go into a trust fund that is somehow regulated once he is 18. And if for some reason he doesn’t attend college or receives a scholarship I will contact each and every donor and ask if they want a refund. Thank you everyone for making a difference. You are all angels.


Get the Niner Waldo Kid a home

WE FOUND HIM 5 HOMES! 5 yes 5 qualified Foster Care Providers have stepped up to take in our Niner Waldo. Thank you for everything everyone!! We saved the day!


I’m sure you all have seen this picture.Niner Waldo Kid by now. And I’m sure some of you know that he, ALONE, walked the streets of Seattle wearing his Niner gear during Seattle Super Bowl parade. He had food thrown at him, he was booed, and called names. Yet this 15 year old kept his head high and marched on. But his story goes a lot deeper than just this…….. When we set out to find him (thinking he was an adult) we never expected this….

Here is an interview between Ladies Of The Empire and our Niner Waldo Kid.


(used with permission from Niner Waldo)


Hello Ladies!! We have entered into the post season.

Ladies Of The Empire has always been connected with our community. We have always tried to help and support women embrace and learn this wonderful game of football. During this off season LOTE will be expanding and beta testing the idea of “Chapters”. This will help bring each other closer since most of us are NOT in California, let alone Santa Clara. This has been a request from the members for years! We are finally at that point. I have a few key ‘Ladies” that I have in mind to help create the bylaws and the structure of this adventure. Although I would love to have more input. So if you ever thought about being a President of a LOTE Chapter please contact me and we will go from there. We will roll this out in stages. So Ladies please be patient. We want to do this right. And remember this ISN’T meant to divide us! In fact this is to help us grow and work together. We don’t want to become like the Men and make this a territorial thing. So lets keep the focus! This is meant to unite us NOT DIVIDE us! We are looking for passionate women who embrace all levels of our fans. Women who work well with each other. Women who want to empower each other. We are not looking for women who just want a title or power to push people around. Since our group is one of the only groups that is still united I want to try to maintain that. We are all Ladies Of The Empire! Please keep that in mind. Send me an email for more information.

Ladies of the Empire is headed to Seattle

This Sunday we will get one step closer to achieving our quest…..our QUEST FOR SIX. We are healthy (for the most part. Missing Bruce Miller, Ian Williams, Carlos Rodgers to name a few). And we are ready. We have to play Niner football. We have to keep a cool head and not let the Seahawk squawk effect us. Some of the LOTE are attending the game. We hope to meet more new faces and reconnect with old. The Niners have said they will be giving away rally towels on Saturday at Noon at the Space Needle. I hope to see you guys there. Go Niners!!!!!