Welcome to the premier women’s group for San Francisco Forty-Niner fans.

Our Mission:
Ladies Of The Empire is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit charity. LOTE’s mission is to make a positive impact on the overachieving underserved youth and women of our community through education, support, and hard work.  We want to be the change in the world that we want to see.

This group started as a bunch of women coming together through a common love of both the 49ers and the game of football.  We grew in numbers and soon became an official booster club recognized by the 49ers organization.  We wanted to educate women about the game of football while also bringing families closer together.  Our goal was to unite women through the love of the game for the same reasons men love the game.  We aren’t just watching it because it’s men in tight pants! It was time to break the negative stereotype. With our loving and giving hearts this group has transformed into a Non-Profit Charity Organization. We have grown beyond football. Ladies Of The Empire wants to help all the overachieving underserved to learn, to attend college, to thrive and to grow their minds. We all agree that through education, hard work, and a helping hand anyone can break those negative stereotypes, no matter what they might be. We want to continue to help make a positive change in this world one child/woman at a time. We are very proud of what we have become and excited about where we are going.

Join us!

Please click on the links above to learn about our latest news, events, stories, experiences.  Please help us to help others.

Also inquire with your employer about donation matching or volunteer support. Many companies know the value in supporting their employees and want to help too.  Please let us know how we can be apart of their network. We are currently set up with Apple, Ebay, Salesforce, Smile.Amazon.com, PayPal Giving Fund and Tate Diagnostic. We would like to continue to grow this list.

Donated $32,000 to “over achieving under served youth” in 2015! Thank you everyone!